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Why Use Pumps And Motors By Gelco Electronics?

Gelco Electronics has been a pioneer in the domain of electrical products since 1984. Since then, they have been successful in providing efficient, reliable, and top-quality solutions to the consumers’ need for safe and hassle-free electric equipment.

Bringing the years’ trust and technical superiority, Gelco range of pumps and motors have been a game-changer. Their wide range of pumps and motors caters to the various domains across agriculture, industrial, commercial, and domestic usage.

Motors come handy in running electric devices. They convert electric current to mechanical current, further producing motion. Similarly, a pump is a device used to transmit liquid from one place to another. Motors are essential for the running of the pumping device. And the quality of the either has a direct impact on the longevity of the other device.

The range of pumps and motors provided by Gelco Electronics are designed to be energy efficient, they use lesser power and are highly effective. Human safety as well as safeguarding the equipment has always been a key aspect. All the products are designed to withstand voltage fluctuation and balance the current flow without causing any damage to equipment or human life. Also, they support a wide range of working voltage supply. The V-4 Water Filled Motor Borewell Submersible can support a wide range of working voltage supply from 200V to 440V.

Based on the nature of their usage, these pumps and motors are usually compact and easy to install. Consumer’s need for effortless machinery is given much attention. They provide maximum water discharge with superior efficiency. The system is supported with balanced parts to emit extra noise and vibrations. Unlike most of the pumps and motors, most Gelco’s range of pumps and motors have a silent suspension and create lesser vibrations. All parts are made with CNC for quality performance.

They come with various technical specifications, feeding to various requirements. The superior quality of machinery which is both cost-effective and energy-efficient is a perfect solution to the smart world requirements. The V-4 range of Borewell Submersible Pumps is supported by International NEMA Spline Coupling, which makes it a reliable choice. The brand entrusts upon reliability and long-lasting superior quality products.

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