0.2 ECO



0.2Eco is an ideal device for protecting electric equipment at all levels such as at homes, bungalows, schools, colleges, hospitals, laboratories, farmhouses, shops, showrooms, printing shops, shopping malls, movie theatres, malls, gyms, society, etc.

Main application:

LCD, LED TV and Computer


  • Protection of the equipment from any damage due to the uneven electric supply.
  • Protection of the equipment from any damage due to voltage fluctuation. The IEEE lists voltage fluctuation as one of the biggest problems out of 10 main electricity problems.
  • Manages the equipment’s performance during a sudden shift in voltage supply.
  • Fluctuating voltage in the mainline can permanently damage all the running equipment. 0.2Eco secures the equipment in such situations.
  • Enhances the performance of the equipment during a low voltage supply.
  • If electronic equipment runs on more than rated voltage or less than rated voltage then it will not give maximum efficiency. In such cases, 0.2Eco balances and increases the efficiency of the equipment.

Technical Specification

  • Working Voltage Range: 140 to 280V, 50Hz
  • Output Capacity: 2 Ampere.
  • Over Voltage Protection: above 280V
  • Low Voltage Protection: below 140V
  • Delay: 5 Seconds


Weight (kg) 1.216
Length (cm) 22.5
Width (cm) 18.5
Height (cm) 10

Additional information

Weight 1.216 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 18.5 × 10 cm


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