in agriculture for watering the crop at farmprotect pump/motor from poor power.

Solution of/Pain points:

  • After turn motor farmer goes his home and if light goes and arrives in few minutes then again farmer has to go to his farm and restart the motor/pump for watering the crop
  • Farmer have to appoint one person for start and stop the motor/pump.
  • Normal starter does not have function to stop and protect the motor while unbalance voltage in three phase supply.
  • Conventional starter does not give any kind of indications.
  • Conventional starter does not protect motor when one phase is absent in main three phase line.
  • Motor/pump burn when it running on two phases.
  • Motor pump burn while unbalance voltage comes in main supply.
  • running over current due to aging, or any fault in equipment so it damages by overheating and normal starter does not protect in this setuation.

Technical Specs:

  • Input supply: 415V50Hz
  • Output: 20AAuto
  • ON Delay Time: 45-60 seconds (Pre-setted)


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