Auto Switch with Water Level Controller (ATH)



To operate Motor/Pumpat every area and when tank of water filled with water it off the motor automaticinhotels, house, high rise towers, housing societies, industries, commercial complexes, municipal water stations.

Solution of:

  • you don’t have to wait and watch for tank filled with water or not and go to switch off the motor manually
  • when tank is filled with water and still motor/pump remain on so water wasted by tank overflow and it will lead to quarrel with neighbours and molest of mosquitoes.
  • normal starter does not start when your water tank is empty. And what happen if the water tank empty when you are bathing.
  •  Motor/Pump burn while run on High or Low Voltage.
  •  Motor/Pump Burn While one phase absent from three phase incoming supply
  • Normal starter does not have function to stop and protect the motor while unbalance voltage in three phase supply
  • Conventional starter does not give any kind of indications.
  • Conventional starter does not protect motor when one phase is absent in main three phase line.
  • Motor/pump burn when it running on two phases.
  • Motor pump burn while unbalance voltage comes in main suppy.
  • High and low voltage in supply damage our motor/pump.
  • Conventional starter does not give any kind of Protection against high & low incoming supply.

Technical Specs:

  • Input supply: 415V, 50Hz
  • Output: Potential free NO-C-NC, S1-S2


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