DCP 104



Enables the operation of all electrical equipment and also ensures protection.  Applicable to all types of electronics like AC, Refrigerator, Washing machine, Oven, TV, Monoblock motor, Lifts (on construction sites), Garden grass cutter, Tile-cleaner/polisher, Geysers, Domestic flour mill and all other types of single-phase equipment or machines.


  • Protection against voltage fluctuation.
  • After electricity goes and arrives, automatically switches on the equipment.
  • Protection against burning of motor in case of faulty/old equipment.
  • Automated time-based operation
  • Display of information like, total current flowing into the equipment, voltage, usage time etc.

Technical Specs:

  • Input supply: 230V, 50Hz
  • Load capacity: 20 Amp.
  • OverVoltage Protection: 260V –280V (Settable)
  • Low Voltage Protection: 150V –180V (Settable)
  • Electronic Overload Protection: 2Amp –16Amp.(Settable)


Weight (kg) 0.366
Length (cm) 14.5
Width (cm) 10.5
Height (cm) 8

Additional information

Weight 0.366 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 10.5 × 8 cm


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