to operate and protect all submersible motor and pump at domestic, industry, agriculture, residence or gardens for drawing water, operating induction motor, machinaries etc.

Solution of:

Burning equipment from un even electrical supply like high voltage, low voltage.
After electricity goes and arrives normal switch did not start the equipment automatically.
running over current due to aging, or any fault in equipment so it damagesby overheating.
many timesgoes near normal switch for Switch ON & OFF for time base operation.
we have stand up for Switch OFF the equipment.
normal starters doesn’t protect our motor/pump.
we can’t see how much current/ampere taken by our equipment.
we can’t see how much voltage is arrives.
Analog meter has less accuracy.
with normal starter if we want to see voltage or current we have to buy additional Analog meter which is less reliable.
when tank is filled with water and still motor/pump remain on so water wastedby tank overflow and it will lead to quarrel with neighbours and molestof mosquitoes.
Motor/Pump running continually when Water unavailable, it cause the heating of motor and leads to burning of motor.
normal starter does not start when your water tank is empty. And what happen if the water tank empty when you are bathing.

Technical Specs:

Input supply: 415V, 50Hz
Load capacity: 20Amp.
OverVoltage Protection:460V –500V (Settable)
Low Voltage Protection: 300V –350V (Settable)
Electronic Overload Protection: 4Amp –20Amp.(Settable)
Electronic Dry-Run Protection: 0.01Amp –18Amp. (stable)
ON Time Delay/OFF Time delay:(1 -240 Minutes)
Cyclic Timer


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