GML-300 is an ideal device for the protection of all equipment at homes, bungalows, schools, colleges, hospitals, laboratories, farmhouses, shops, showrooms, printing shops, industries, shopping malls, theatres, malls, gyms, societies, etc.

Main application:

Refrigerator and AC


  • Uneven supply of electricity may damage the equipment. GLM-300 is designed to provide protection under such situations.
  • As per IEEE voltage fluctuation is one of the biggest reasons for electricity problems. Sudden voltage change may harm the machine’s/electronic equipment’s performance. GLM-300 is designed to provide full protection under such situations.
  • It also provides protection to all the appliances and equipment if there is an uneven flow of voltage from the main line.
  • During the low voltage supply, electronic equipment fails to perform efficiently. GLM-300 manages and enhances performance under such conditions.
  • GLM-300 also manages and enhances the performance, and maximizes the efficiency of the equipment if it is running on more than or less than the normal rated voltage.

Technical Specification:

  • Working Voltage Range: 150 to 290V, 50Hz
  • Output Capacity: 12 Ampere.
  • Over Voltage Protection: above 290V
  • Low Voltage Protection: below 150V
  • Delay: 150±20 Seconds intelligent smart delay


Weight (kg) 7.82
Length (cm) 30
Width (cm) 14
Height (cm) 20

Additional information

Weight 7.82 kg
Dimensions 30 × 14 × 20 cm


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