To operate and protect all electrical or electronics equipment like A.C., refrigerator, washing machine, oven, television, monoblock motor, lifts at the construction sites, garden grasscutter, tiles cleaning/polishing machine, geyser, domestic flour mill, and all kind of single-phase apparatus.


  • Protect the equipment from an uneven electrical supply like high voltage, low voltage.
  • Automatically and safely start the equipment after the electrical outage.
  • Provides robust protection against over current and overheating hence lessen the aging process and increase the operative life of the equipment.

Technical Specs:

  • Input supply:230V, 50Hz
  • Load capacity: 16 Amp.
  • Overvoltage Protection: 260V –280V (Settable)
  • Low Voltage Protection: 150V –180V (Settable)
  • Electronic Overload Protection: 2Amp –16Amp (Settable)


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