The three-phase DOL is well equipped to help operate all kinds of submersible motors and pumps. It can be used at all levels, including domestic (house farms, and gardens), agricultural (vast farmlands, and fields), and commercial (construction sites, and industries).


  • Safes the motor/pump from any damage caused due to overheating. Usually usage of old and worn-out equipment or over usage of an appliance can overheat the motor/pump. GTW WD is designed to keep the temperature in control and avoid any damage
  • Digital display of the flow of the current and other details.
  • Other available DOL Starts don’t protect the motor/ pump in case of the absence of one-phase where only two-phase is present. But GTW WD is well equipped to protect under such conditions.
  • Fully automated power on-off system according to the available water level.

Technical Specs:

  • Input supply: 415V, 50Hz
  • Load capacity: 20Amp.
  • (7.5HP)Electronic Overload Protection: 2-20 Amp (settable)
  • Over voltage protection: above 490V
  • Under Voltage Protection: Below340V
  • Electronic Dry-run Protection: 1-18A (settable)


Weight (kg) 2.368
Length (cm) 23
Width (cm) 11
Height (cm) 27

Additional information

Weight 2.368 kg
Dimensions 23 × 11 × 27 cm


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