for protect the pumps and motors in MCC panels which usesin sewage pumps, agriculture, commercial, industrial and domestic areas.

Solution of:

  • Burning equipment from un even electrical supply like high voltage, low voltage.
  • normal relays/startersdoesn’t protect our motor/pumpand does not give any indications about our incoming supply.
  • normal Star deltastarter won’t protect motor or pump in case of two-phasepresent and one phase is absent.
  • when motor/pump runs without water available then pump/motor over heats and then it damage and burns.

Technical Specs:

  • Input supply: 415V, 50Hz
  • Output:NO-C-NC (Potential Free)
  • Low Voltage Protection: Below 320V
  • HIGH Voltage Protection:above 480VDry-RunProtection: Prod Sensor


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