V3 water filled motor, borewell submersible


Power: 0.5hp, 6stage


Widely used for domestic water supply, nurseries, gardening, residential societies, solar heating system, etc.


  • The pump is a cost-effective choice as it consumes less power, provides the utmost efficiency.
  • Compact size, super easy to install.
  • All parts are made with CNC for quality performance.
  • Precisely balanced parts for low noise, low vibrations, and long life.
  • Supports a wide range of working voltage supply.
  • Flawlessly withstand against the voltage fluctuations
  • High quality, reliable, and long-lasting.

Technical specifications:

  • HP: 0.5 HP to 1.5 HP
  • Supply Range: 1 Phase
  • of Stage: 6 to 28
  • Discharge Range: 10 to 90 LPM
  • Head Range: 6 to 109 Meters


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