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Automatic Switching

The system provides automatic switching of the motor/pump based on the availability of 3-phase supply. It eliminates the need for manual switching and reduces the efforts of farmers.

Contingency Management

The system can handle all types of contingencies and irregularities in the power supply, such as voltage fluctuations, phase failure, and power outages. It ensures that the motor/pump is switched ON and OFF efficiently and effectively, without damaging the equipment.

Motor Protection

The system is designed to protect the motor/pump from damage due to an uneven or unbalanced three-phase electrical supply. It monitors the power supply and adjusts the voltage and current levels to ensure that the motor/pump runs smoothly and safely.

Phase Failure Protection

The system also protects the motor/pump from the absence of one phase out of the three phases. It detects the phase failure and automatically switches off the motor/pump to prevent damage.

Energy Efficient

The system is energy efficient and helps farmers save on electricity bills. It automatically turns off the motor/pump when it is not needed and ensures that it runs at optimal levels when in use.


The system is easy to use and can be operated by farmers with little technical knowledge. It comes with a user manual that provides detailed instructions on how to install and use the system.

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