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Stabilizers for Air Conditioner: Why we use this?

Did you know, the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) which is the world’s largest technical institute listed voltage fluctuation as one of the most commonly faced electricity issues of the world, in their top 10 list of common electricity defaults. Especially, in countries like India, which suffer from poor management of electricity supply, voltage fluctuation and power cuts are a common pain.

Voltage fluctuation occurs due to corroded connections, which can result in overloading causing a higher or lower supply of voltage. This uneven distribution of voltage can be due to loose connections at the domestic level or can originate from the mainline too. What so ever may the reason be, but this uneven distribution of supply can cause serious or even permanent damage to your electric appliances. Short circuits are a common reaction.

To avoid incidents like these, we have stabilizers that regulate the incoming voltage (be it high or low) to an operating voltage limit. As the name suggests, they stabilize the power supply to the required level and helps keep your equipment safe.

Why we need Stabilizers for our Air Conditioners?

Indian summers are known to be harsh. And the only way to keep up with the canicular days is by switching on your air conditioners. Air conditioners are expensive devices and one must not risk it running without a stabilizer as any fluctuation in the power supply may damage your AC. And during summers, due to excessive use of air conditioners, coolers and other cooling devices, voltage fluctuation is at its peak in India.

Not only do stabilizers provide the due safety to your ACs but also manages the performance of the Air Conditioners. Stabilizers help in a constant voltage supply that decreases the load over the equipment, resulting in effective cooling and a longer and better lifespan. They make the equipment function better and add to the age of the equipment.

Also, if your air conditioning device is old, it usually pulls more electricity. This has been a very common reason for short circuits. The electric supply coming from the mainline is lesser than the electric current pulled by the device, this puts more load on the equipment, hence causing voltage fluctuations. Stabilizers are a must under such conditions. No matter how old or worn out your device may be, they stabilize the flow of electric current and enable a smooth running of your device.

With time, the new technology keeps developing. The newer technology is more advanced and designed keeping in view the common electric issues of the region. Gelco Electronics provides you with a wide range of stabilizers to suit your device range. Also, we have stabilizers specially designed for different equipment as per the level of load required by each – Stabilizers for ACs, the range varies based on the working voltage range required. In addition to that, Gelco also provides stabilizers for refrigerators, washing machines, LED – LCD TVs and Computers.

You always have an option of running your equipment without a stabilizer but why take the risk when you can secure your device and also add extra life to your air conditioners with Gelco AC Stabilizers.

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