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Why you should always use starters & control panel with pumps?

The times have gone when we use to scoop out water from borewells or wells manually. With advanced technology, we got water pumps that reduce manual labour and automatically pump out water. Water pumps are applicable at all levels – for domestic use, agricultural purpose or at commercial sites, though the degree of activity might vary. A water pump is pumping equipment that uses kinetic energy to enable the flow of water from one source to another.

We majorly have water pumps installed in our houses, agricultural lands, commercial properties, shops etc.; in other words, almost everywhere. At certain sites, their functioning might be periodical whereas, at places like commercial sites, they might be continuously operative. Despite, the various features and additional custom characteristics, all types of water pumps have a similar role to play i.e. to moderate the flow of water.

But every technology accompanies certain risk factors. The most common factor of error in the smooth operation of water pumps is lack of enough water or no water at the source site. In conditions like these, when the adequate or minimum required level of water is missing or even when the maximum required level of water is attained, can cause serious damage to the operating water pump. The question is how do we deal with situations like these?

In certain cases, like at the domestic level, where the level of activity isn’t much, we still can manually operate the water pump. But this won’t minimize the risk as a little carelessness on our end can lead to serious damage. Also, at sites with a higher degree of activity like agricultural sites or construction sites, it is merely impossible to administer the water pumps manually.

To avoid such situations and to minimize manual labour, we have Electric Control Panels and Starters. These electric devices act as alarming systems that automatically sense the drop in the level of water and manage the operation of the water pump automatically. Also, they monitor the water pumps for smooth functioning.

As the name suggests, they are the control panels to the water pumps that monitor and control the functioning of water pumps at all levels.

Why starters & control panels should be always used with pumps?
  • Operates and protects all kinds of pumps, used for drawing water, at domestic, industrial, and agricultural level.
  • Over usage or old-worn-out / defective pumps may overheat the motor and can cause damage to the equipment. Starters & control panels are equipped to protect the water pumps from such damage.
  • They automatically sense any voltage fluctuation or default in the electric flow and accordingly manages the operation of the water pump and saves it from any major damage.
  • They continuously monitor the level of available water at the source. If the water level is lower than the minimum required level that can overheat the water pump and cause it to burn. They provide protection against dry-running. And also, manages the operation of the water pumps in case of a higher level of water than the maximum required to avoid overflow and wastage.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, Starters and Control Panels by Gelco Electronics provide additional benefits, which are:

  • Real-time monitoring of electric flow. The details of the current flowing into the pump is displayed. Whereas in the case of other available starters, one needs to buy an additional analogue meter to get this information. Which is both costly and less reliable.
  • Fully automated system, that automatically switches off/on the pump as per the water level availability.
  • Also, they provide you with an option of setting up timers where you can set the exact time for turning the pump on and off. The starters then automate the operation of the pumps automatically.

Gelco Electronics provide a wide range of Starters & Control Panels made for 0.5 HP motors to 100 HP motors. Their quality starters & control panels make sure of smooth and hassle-free operations for a long time. Further, it improves the life span and the efficiency of pumps and motors. The products are suitable for farms, construction site, residence, industries, shops, gardens etc. Why wait, secure your water pumps today with Starters & Control Panels by Gelco Electronics.

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