Duty Panel Dual Pump

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The Duty Panel Dual Pump is capable of operating two submersible pumps/motors in alternate operation. Their application is usually based on a larger scale such as in society, industry, farm land, apartment, bungalows, etc.


  • It protects the motor/pump from burning during an un-even electrical supply due to voltage fluctuation.
  • It protects the motor/pump from burning due to over-usage.
  • It protects the moto/pump from burning in case of usage of faulty or worn-out equipment. Automated time-based operation.
  • Display of details of the current flowing into the equipment which is more accurate than that displayed by an analog meter.
  • Monitors the level of water and automatically switches the motor on/off as required.
  • Unlike other DOL starters, provides full protection in the case where only two phases are present and one phase is missing.

Technical Specs:

  • Input supply:415V, 50Hz
  • Load capacity: 80Amp.(1-200HP)
  • Low Voltage Protection: 300V –350V (Settable)
  • High Voltage Protection:460V-500V(Settable)
  • Electronic Overload Protection: (2Amp –80Amp.)
  • Electronic Dry-Run Protection:(0.01Amp.-72Amp)
  • ON Time Delay/OFF Time delay: (1 -240 Minutes)
  • Cyclic Timer

Weight (kg) 6.96
Length (cm) 40
Width (cm) 39
Height (cm) 18
Duty Panel Dual Pump
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