Geostro Astronomical Time Switch

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Automate the lightning system following the sunrise, sunset, and the geographic location. Ideal for the outdoor lightings like advertisement boards, signboards, parking lights, garden lights, street light, etc.


  • A completely automatic switch that eliminates manual interventions and efforts.
  • Effective & Efficient, automation saves a lot of energy that can be wasted by manual operation.
  • Automation provides a timely operation.
  • Solve the overloading issue.
  • Adjust the operation according to sunset and sunrise time and that too as per the seasons and geographic location.
  • Conventional time switches cannot show and adjust as per the sunrise and sunset time as per current Longitudinal & Latitudinal Locations.

Technical Specs:

  • Input supply: 230V, 50Hz
  • Load capacity: 20Amp.
  • Switch ON & OFF Time: +30 minutes after sunset & -30 minutes before sunrise (settable)
  • Longitudinal & Latitudinal Locations: 1300 cities/towns across India.

Weight (kg) 0.253
Length (cm) 14
Width (cm) 8
Height (cm) 6.5
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Geostro Astronomical Time Switch
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