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To proficiently operate Submersible, Monoset pumps, and motors which are widely used in the agriculture sector to water the crop.


  • Most of the farmers have 3 phase motor/pump on the farm while there is great uncertainty regarding 3-phase supply throughout the day. The Auto Switch diminishes the manual efforts of switching ON and switching OFF the motor/pump and automates the whole process as per the availability of 3-phase supply.
  • Efficiently automate the whole switch ON and switch OFF process under all types of contingencies and regular operations.
  • Protect the motor/pump from the uneven and unbalanced three-phase electrical supply and guard against burning.
  • Provide a reliable and precise indication throughout.
  • Protect the motor/pump from the absence of one phase, out of the three-phases.
  • Provide delay variability function which conventional starter does not have.
  • Give clear and accurate indications through digital display.

Technical Specs:

  • Input supply: 415V 50Hz
  • Output: N-V, S1-S2 potential free
  • Auto ON Delay Time: 45-60 seconds (Pre-setted)

Weight (kg) 0.29
Length (cm) 10.5
Width (cm) 3.5
Height (cm) 9
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Super Auto Plus
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