Difference Between The Earth Leakage Relay & Earth Fault Relay

Difference Between The Earth Leakage Relay & Earth Fault Relay

Both Earth Leakage Relay and Earth Fault Relay are protective devices designed to safeguard from earth leakage or faults. The major difference is that one is designed to safeguard the electronics while the other protects the human from electric shocks. Both function on the fundamental rule of detecting stray voltages and providing protection by interrupting the circuit.

Besides the basic difference, other major differences separate the two from one another. Let's discuss the same:

  • Operation: one of the major differences is in the operation of the two. While Earth Leakage Relay operates on current, the Earth Fault Relay uses voltage to operate.
  • Activation: the level at which the two activate differs majorly. For an Earth Fault Relay to activate, one requires a major event of earth fault however the Earth Leakage Relay is activated even in the presence of a minor earth leakage. With both holding equal significance, Earth Leakage Relay can come in handy in detecting any minor events of leakage or fault.
  • Level of Protection: while both are designed to protect against earth leakage or faults, the Earth Fault Relay falls short of providing protection against electric shocks which could cause major damages like death. However, Earth Leakage Relay can ensure the protection of both human lives and to some extent to your electronic’s life too.
  • Functionality: both are designed to activate in the case of an earth fault or leakage however, they may differ in their functionality as the Earth Fault Relay requires the current to pass through the earthing or grounding conductor to be activated. Whereas, when the earth leakage current flows from any point in the electrical circuit the Earth Leakage Relay is activated.
  • Sensitivity: as mentioned above, Earth Leakage Relay proves to be more sensitive than the Earth Fault Relay as it can detect even a minor earth leakage or fault.
  • Cost Effective: if looking for a low-cost solution, the Earth Leakage Relay proves to be the best choice as compared to the Earth Fault Relay.
  • Applicability: Earth Fault Relays are applicable in ELCBs, whereas, in RCCBs, Earth Leakage Relays are employed.

Despite, the differences, both hold a significant place based on their functionality and application. Make the right choice based on your needs and be mindful of always buying devices from a trusted brand to avoid any mishaps.

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