• Types of Centrifugal Pumps

    Types of Centrifugal Pumps

    We discussed Positive Displacement Pumps and Dynamic Pumps in our previous blogs and drew a difference between them. In addition to those, there is a third kind of pump available in the market, the Centrifugal Pump. What is a Centrifugal Pump? A Centrifugal pump is used to transport fluids from one source to another. A centrifugal force is used to pump the fluids, using...
  • Why Use Pumps And Motors By Gelco Electronics?

    Why Use Pumps And Motors By Gelco Electronics?

    Gelco Electronics has been a pioneer in the domain of electrical products since 1984. Since then, they have been successful in providing efficient, reliable, and top-quality solutions to the consumers' need for safe and hassle-free electric equipment. Bringing the years’ trust and technical superiority, Gelco range of pumps and motors have been a game-changer. Their wide range of pumps and motors caters to the...
  • Submersible Water Pump Buyer's Guide

    Submersible Water Pump Buyer's Guide

    How to Pick the Perfect Submersible Water Pump Submersible water pump, as the name suggests, is a set of pumps designed to operate underwater. The motor is sealed to be airtight which blocks water from entering into it. They function well when fully submerged underwater. Their functional superiority makes them a popular type of pump and therefore, we have a high demand for the...
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