Solar Pumping System: What, Why & How?

Solar Pumping System: What, Why & How?

Supply of clean, safe, and sustainable water is an essential need in every region of the world but unfortunately, a large number of people lack the provision of this basic facility. Groundwater is an easy solution to this growing concern but mostly diesel-fuelled systems are used to pump out groundwater. These systems are neither eco-friendly and neither are economically viable for many. Solar Pumping System is an efficient alternative to diesel-fuelled pumps. It is both economically efficient and environmentally friendly. Also, solar-powered pumps can be the best choice in areas with restricted power supply.

What are Solar-Powered Pumps?

A typical solar-powered pumping system uses solar energy to power the electric motor which in turn powers the surface pump. The pump functions like any other pump, water is pumped from the ground or stream into a storage tank. The only difference is that the electric pump uses electricity generated using a diesel motor but the solar pumping system uses renewable energy from the sun.

How does a Solar Pumping System function?

A solar pumping system is essentially an electric pumping system in which the electricity is provided by one or several PhotoVoltaic (PV) panels. A typical solar pumping system is powered by solar energy. It consists of a solar panel array that powers an electric motor, which in turn powers a surface pump. A solar pumping system includes the solar panel itself, the pump, and a power conditioner.

Why choose Solar Pumping System?

When compared to Electric pumps, Solar Pumps have proven to be more efficient in various ways. Firstly, the solar-powered pumping system is more eco-friendly and has no negative impact on the environment. It uses solar energy, a renewable energy source - the unlimited supply of energy doesn’t hold any extra cost, making it a cost-effective and cheaper solution. In addition to that, it has a longer lifespan and involves no maintenance. The only drawback of having a Solar Pumping System is its inability to function efficiently when the weather is cloudy.

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