Lighting Solutions by Gelco Electronics

Lighting Solutions by Gelco Electronics

Having an efficient lighting system is a universal need. Whether it be a domestic space or a commercial setup or a public facility, an effective lighting system is always a necessity. However, depending on the character of the space, the type of lighting system required might differ. For instance, a lighting solution for a warehouse might completely be different to that required at one’s home. In addition to the lighting system, there are also other applications that support efficient lighting systems. Gelco understands your various needs and necessities and provides you with various lighting solutions to cater to your every requirement.

Automatic Light Controller:

The microcontroller helps control the lighting system by automatically turning it on and off. With in-built sensors, the device detects any motion and accordingly manages the lighting of the room. The device serves for comfort and convenience due to the Automatic operation of lights. The automated system reduces energy wastage and adds to efficiency in working and reduction of manual labour.

Gelco Electronics provides a wide range of automatic lighting controllers to match your requirements.

Automatic Light Controller Outdoor is a reliable light controller that is best used at highways, malls, shopping centres, showrooms, offices, smart cities, smart towns, smart villages etc. to control signage boards, advertisement boards, street lights, parking lights, and garden lights.

Panel Auto Photo 25A Indoor & Auto Photo 6A Indoors is equipped to operate multiple lighting systems at both commercial and domestic levels for indoor purposes.

  • Flood Lights: These high-beams, high-intensity lights are best applicable in areas that require high-intensity lighting and better lumen. They are specifically designed to light outdoor spaces. As the name suggests, they flood that specific area with light. Based on various technical specifications, Gelco Electronics provides a wide range of Floodlights. These lights are energy efficient, have a longer life span, have better lumen output, and are free from toxic elements. Also, they require low or no maintenance which makes them cost-effective. Gelco’s range of floodlights includes GLFL-100S, GLFL-200S, GLFL-200E, GLFL-50S, GLFL-100E & GLFL-60E.
  • High Bay Lights: These high-intensity lights are best suited to light up spaces with at least 20-40ft high ceilings. The higher the ceiling the more effective these lights are. They are designed to illuminate larger indoor spaces like halls, manufacturing units, warehouses, departmental stores, factories, gymnasiums, recreational centres, communication centres, municipal facilities, museums, workshops, event centres etc.

Based on the various technical specifications, Gelco Electronics provides two models of High Bay Lights, GLHBY-60E & GLHBY-150P. These lights are eco-friendly and made of toxic-free material. They are highly efficient and consume comparatively less energy than any conventional lighting system. With high durability, they have a longer life span and higher lumen output. Also, they are low in maintenance and provide better thermal management. 

Indoor Lights:

Gelco Electronics also provides a range highly efficient indoor lighting range that can be ideal for small indoor spaces like houses, offices, canteens, shops, balconies, or even staircases. These stylish lighting solutions come with quality assurance and are highly durable. The various range of indoor lights include

  • LED Prolit DC12V: DC Prolit is an ideal lighting solution for the inside of vehicles like buses, ambulances, trucks, cars, tempo etc. It can also work well as battery-operated light for small shops, food trucks, etc.
  • Sleek: Sleek is an ideal lighting source for indoor purposes like in houses, offices, canteens, shops, balconies, or even staircases. The Sleek range has further 3 diverse variations: Sleek, Sleek with Switch & Sleek 2.0. with minor technical variations, the Sleek range is an ideal solution for your indoor lighting requirement.

Gelco’s range of lighting solutions comes with multiple advantages as compared to other filament lights.

  • Unlike filament lights which consume more energy and have low efficiency. Gelco’s indoor lighting range is energy efficient.
  • It has a longer lifespan as compared to a filament light.
  • It has more lumen output than a filament light.
  • Better and more effective thermal management than a filament.
  • Low Maintenance required

Street Lights:

Gelco Electronics provide an ideal range of lighting solution for illuminating roads, streets, highways, parking areas, school & college campus, societies, hospitals, government offices, gardens, villages, cities, townships, etc. Based on various technical specifications, the wide range of street lights include GLSL-24E, GLSL-40P, GLSL-40E, GLSL-30E, GLSL-60E, GLSL-60P, GLSL-80E & GLSL-110P.

The wide range of Gelco Street Lights is energy efficient with a longer life span. With less or no maintenance, there can not be a better choice for your requirement.

Trust Gelco Electronics with your lighting requirements. With 40 years of expert experience, Gelco has been a trusted brand that has provided quality products with expert services. There can be no better brand to cater to your requirement than Gelco Electronics.

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