Product Review: Protect Your TV And Electronics Gelco Voltage Stabilizer

Product Review: Protect Your TV And Electronics Gelco Voltage Stabilizer

Have you ever encountered flickering lights or noticed your TV's screen dimming when there's a sudden voltage drop? Such instances could potentially damage your electronic devices. To counteract this, Gelco Electronics offers a reliable solution - the Gelco Voltage Stabilizer (GDMS-50) specifically designed for LED/LCD TVs up to 140 cm (55"), Set-top Boxes, and Home Theatre/Gaming Consoles. And now, it's available at a discounted price of ₹ 2,199.00.

Voltage Protection: A Key Advantage

One of the prominent features of the Gelco Voltage Stabilizer is its ability to protect electronic equipment from potential damage caused by irregular electricity supply. Voltage fluctuations are a prevalent issue, often resulting in decreased performance or even malfunctioning of electronics. With this stabilizer, you can rest assured that your devices are shielded from these fluctuations, ensuring consistent and optimal performance.

Efficient Management of Voltage Drops

Another noteworthy advantage of this stabilizer is its capability to manage equipment performance during low-voltage supply. It effectively regulates the flow of electricity, enabling your devices to function smoothly even in situations of low-voltage supply. This feature not only safeguards your devices but also ensures their uninterrupted operation during challenging voltage conditions.

Optimized Efficiency for Longer Lifespan 

The Gelco Voltage Stabilizer is designed to optimize equipment efficiency, even when the devices operate at voltages higher or lower than their rated capacity. This feature extends the life of your electronic devices while ensuring they operate at their best. It's a preventive measure that maintains the longevity and efficiency of your valuable electronic equipment.

Technical Specifications
  • The stabilizer offers a working voltage range of 170 to 270V at 50Hz and an output capacity of 2 Ampere. It provides overvoltage protection above 270V, low voltage protection below 170V, and includes a 180-second delay feature.
  • Compact Design and Convenient Installation
  • Weighing just 1.53 kg and with dimensions of 22.5 cm x 18.5 cm x 10 cm, this stabilizer is compact and easy to install. Its hassle-free setup ensures convenience without compromising on functionality.

The Gelco Voltage Stabilizer (GDMS-50) is a crucial safeguard for your electronic devices. With its ability to protect against voltage fluctuations, manage low-voltage supply, and optimize equipment efficiency, it's an essential addition to ensure the prolonged life and consistent performance of your LED/LCD TVs, Set-top Boxes, and Home Theatre/Gaming Consoles. Invest in this stabilizer and provide reliable protection for your valuable electronics.

Make the smart choice today and secure your electronic investments with Gelco's reliable Voltage Stabilizer!

Warranty: The Gelco Voltage Stabilizer comes with a 12-month warranty and a 10-day replacement policy.

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