Style Your Home With Automatic Light Controllers - Functionality

Style Your Home With Automatic Light Controllers - Functionality

Automated lighting systems are the future of lighting. When one can manage their lighting at the convenience of a click, why bother walking around switching on/off lighting. Not only it is a convenient choice but also adds a style statement.

Automatic Light Controllers can be used for any purpose, for domestic use, commercial use, vehicles, machinery etc. However, in this blog, we will only focus on the automatic light controllers used for domestic lighting and discuss the various types of controllers based on their functionality.

The functionality of the Automatic Lighting Controller

Depending upon the input-output system, the controllers provide various functions. With the technical advancement, now we have controllers that allow a combination of multiple variants to function in one single controller.

Motion sensing: The controller automatically senses if there is any movement in the space and accordingly turns the light on/off. Such a controller is ideal for smaller spaces like cubicles, office spaces, restrooms etc. 

Time scheduled: Time scheduling allows you to set a particular time duration and the controller automatically switches on/off the lighting at the set time. Such a controller is ideal for open spaces or places that are mostly occupied, like stadiums, malls etc.

Daylight response: As the name suggests, the controller responds to daylight. It uses a light sensor that switches on/off the light or manages the intensity by dimming or brightening it, depending on the available daylight. Such a controller is ideal for spaces that have a constant supply of natural light.

Colour tuning: The controller manages the intensity and warmth of the light and adjusts it to the surrounding requirements. They also alter the colour of the light as per the requirement. Such a controller is ideal for spaces that require dramatic lighting such as studios, signage, theatres etc.

Data generation: Some controllers are equipped to collect data such as energy consumption, temperature, occupancy rates, etc. The data is used by software to analyse and the results are used for various reasons.

Demand response: The controller acts upon the capability to specifically reduce load during peak demand periods, periods of high pricing or during an emergency event.

Based on your requirement, choose from the wide range of Automatic Lighting Controllers by Gelco Electronics and add style to your living space. Let convenience and style be your new lifestyle.

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