• Components of a Control Panel

    Components of a Control Panel

    The previous blogs have given us a fair understanding of a control panel, its layout and structure. Let's proceed further and understand what are the important components of a control panel. The control panel is structured with various components with each component serving a specific function carried out by the panel. Largely a control panel consists of: Enclosures  An enclosure is a metal box,...
  • Control Panel: Component Placement And Layout

    Control Panel: Component Placement And Layout

    The previous blog briefly described a control panel and listed its various components. As mentioned earlier, a control panel is an enclosure with various electrical components that help control the mechanism of the specific machinery/device. But how is a control panel arranged? Let's discuss the placement and layout design of a control panel to get a better understanding of the control panel. Placement of...
  • Control Panel: Basics!

    Control Panel: Basics!

    Be it industrial machinery, or domestic equipment, all machines require a control panel to control their mechanism. But what exactly is a control panel and how it is structured? In the series of blogs, we will discuss all that you need to know about your control panels. Today, let's start with the basics of knowing what exactly a control panel is! A control panel...
  • Why Control Panels are Important?

    Why Control Panels are Important?

    Whether it is our domestic space or a commercial property, each comprises of a web of electric wires, sockets and cables through which the electric current flows and enables the smooth running of our appliances. But rarely, have we paid any attention to the details of the components that facilitate this flow of electric current. There are a number of devices at work in...
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