Why Control Panels are Important?

Why Control Panels are Important?

Whether it is our domestic space or a commercial property, each comprises of a web of electric wires, sockets and cables through which the electric current flows and enables the smooth running of our appliances. But rarely, have we paid any attention to the details of the components that facilitate this flow of electric current. There are a number of devices at work in the background to enable a smooth flow of electric current – Control Panel, MCBs, Starters, Stabilizers and Regulators etc.

In this post, we will be focusing on the importance of a Control Panel. But before we proceed, it is important to first know what a Control Panel is and understand its functioning.

Control Panel or Electric Panels, the names can be many. It is one of the most essential part of any circuitry, whether it is at a domestic space, a commercial property or an industrial setup. As the name suggests, it is an enclosure set up outside the circuit to control and manage the flow of electric current and further aid in the functioning of the mechanical equipment.

It usually comprises of multiple sections, inside which are electrical components that manage the mechanical processes. It includes a MCB, Surge Arrester, Transformer and a Power Supplier, PLC, Relays, and Contractors, etc. Outside of the Control Panel is a switch or a Human Machine Interface installed that helps in operating the machinery.

Control Panels may differ in size and design in accordance to their functioning. Distinctive Control Panels are designed to suit their domestic, industrial or commercial purpose. Despite the distinction in functioning, a Control Panel is designed to be the controlling centers for the devices to function. The enclosures are mostly designed of metals like aluminum or stainless steel that are aesthetically appropriate and also are well insulated for the safety of the operator.

Importance of a Control Panel

Control Panels are an essential part as they categorize to be the brain of the circuit. All the essential devices used to electrically run a device are placed within the control panel. It ensures the safety of the circuit as well as the appliance/machinery. It regulates the flow of current to avoid any damage and also avoids leakage of current.

A Control Panel acts as a single interaction unit for human convenience. It is a single control unit for the multiple electric devices at play to run the electric appliance. the Control Panel single handedly controls and monitors the functioning of each of the unit and manage any discrepancy. In addition to that, Control Panels are uniquely designed to cater to needs at different levels. There is a provision of assembling customized control panels, in accordance to the needs and wishes of the customers.

Control Panels by Gelco Electronics, an Upbeat in the Market Today!

Gelco Electronics have been serving the market for more than a decade now. Their quality products have widely been appreciated. They have always focused on delivering quality and at the same time, diversifying the range of products available.

Their wide range of Control Panels have been an upbeat in the market. They have a wide range of starters & Control Panels made for 0.5 HP motors to 100 HP motors. The high-quality starters & control panels make sure a smooth and hassle-free operations for a long time. Further, it improves the life span and the efficiency of the pumps and motors. The products are suitable for farms, construction site, residence, industries, shops, gardens etc.

The robust design and unique features outstand other available control panels in the market. The enclosures are specially designed to cater to both indoor and outdoor usage, and are both water-resistant and dust resistant. Keeping human safety in consideration, the enclosures have been tested to be hazardous-proof and explosion-proof. Duly certified and approved.

Control Panels have been designed and configured in accordance to specific needs of the customers with due safety ratings and enclosure ratings. They can be applicable at domestic, industrial and commercial levels.

Gelco Electronics strives to provide you with the best possible electrical solutions.

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