4 Reasons to Use Voltage Stabilizers at Home

4 Reasons to Use Voltage Stabilizers at Home

Almost every household in India has been a victim of electric malfunctioning. The voltage fluctuation and uneven power surges are a common pain for the masses. Not only do they cause inconvenience but also affect the condition of your home appliances. The only way to secure them is by installing respective correctional devices that would stabilize the flow of electricity before it reaches the main appliance. A Voltage Stabilizer is an apt solution.

What is a Voltage Stabilizer?

A Voltage Stabilizer is an electric device designed to stabilize the irregular flow of current. It is responsible to regulate the output current at a constant flow regardless of the incoming supply. In simple words, it is a mediator between the power source and the appliances, that ensures and fixes any irregularity in the flow of current before transferring the current to the appliances. It is also referred to as the Automatic Voltage Regulator as it automatically regulates the uneven output voltage from the generator terminal.

How a Voltage Stabilizer functions?

The only function of a Voltage Stabilizer is to stabilize the voltage. This action can be further carried on in two ways: Buck Function and Boost Function. The situation of uneven flow is triggered either by over-flow of voltage or by under-flow. In the former situation i.e. the over-flow, there is a need to cut down the extra voltage, therefore the Buck Function comes to action. Whereas in the later, the voltage flow is less than the required flow. This calls for a boost in voltage supply, thus the Boost function.

The action of addition and reduction of the voltage flow is done through a transformer that is installed within a Voltage Stabilizer, this can be both manual or automatic, depending upon the type of Voltage Stabilizer being used.

Why does my home need a Voltage Stabilizer?

  • Safeguard from Equipment Malfunctioning

All the appliances are designed to function at a particular voltage, any irregularity can cause a serious damage. There is a safe operating limit to every electric device, any irregularity in the same can reduce its efficiency or merely lead to equipment malfunctioning. It causes a device to over-hear, thus, damaging the insulation which leads to low efficiency and reduced performance. If not corrected well in time, it can also permanently damage your appliance.

A Voltage Stabilizer reduces the chances of Equipment Malfunctioning to almost zero, thus, safeguarding the equipment.

  • Enhances the Longevity of Appliances

Voltage Stabilizer maintains a constant flow of electric current to the appliances. This enhances their efficiency and helps in smooth running of the appliance. The smooth uninterrupted voltage input helps the gadgets to remain in good condition and thus, enhances the longevity of the appliances.

  • Cost Effective

Buying a Voltage Stabilizer is a one-time investment. It reduces the chances of any equipment disruption. This saves you from the additional cost of maintaining/repairing the older faulty appliances. Also, it increases the longevity of the gadgets, and enable effective functioning of the older appliances, thus saving you from incurring extra expense on replacing old appliance or buying new appliance.

  • Safeguards Human Life & Home from Electric Malfunctioning

We all are aware of the disasters associated with electric malfunctioning. One unattended short-circuit can cause us much harm. Short-circuits or faulty equipment are a common reason for most fire hazards in India. In extreme cases, it might also cost us human life. Using a Voltage Stabilizer, reduces the chances of electric malfunctioning and thus, safeguards our house and our lives from any disaster.

A smart solution to a stress-free life is a Voltage Stabilizer. Install a Voltage Stabilizer in your home today, and give a new life to your appliances.

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