Advantages of LED High Bays

Advantages of LED High Bays

LED lights report energy savings of up to 80% and savings on maintenance costs. Keep reading to know more in detail. 

Energy Efficiency: LED High Bay prove to be an energy-efficient solution with less consumption of electricity. As compared to traditional High Bay solutions, they use lesser power and can save you money in utility costs. Not only do LED lights generate light differently, but they also distribute light differently than conventional lighting solutions, which results in less energy required to provide the same output. Also, they generate less heat than traditional lights. This keeps the facility cool even in summer without stressing the environment.

Easy Installation: A common misconception is that it is difficult to install an LED but it is not. LED installation is a quick task and is ergonomically friendly for installers.

Low Maintenance: Once the installation is done, LEDs offer a more cost-effective option as they have no maintenance cost involved. LED lights have a lifespan that is four to forty times longer than many conventional lighting solutions.

Quality Performance: LEDs can aid in creating a high-quality working environment. They produce white light that is closer to natural daylight than regular bulbs, and thus provide more contrast and help the workers focus better with clearer vision. When it comes to colour rendering index (CRI), correlated colour temperature (CCT), and foot candles, there is no comparison to LED lighting.

Advanced Technology: LED fixtures are a smart way to deal with your lighting requirements. They come with technology features that respond to your space, which makes it more energy efficient.

Long Durability: The cost-effective, low-maintenance lighting solutions provide high durability. They are tough and much less likely to shatter or break. 

Difference between LED High Bays and other high bay lights
  • Metal Halide lights take the longest to warm up and reach the normal operating temperature and get less efficient when run at less than full operating power. This reduces the lifespan of the lighting system. Whereas the LED have a longer lifespan than any other lighting solution. A longer life span means that you won’t have to change the lights often and with low maintenance, the LEDs prove to be a cheaper and cost-effective lighting solution.
  • Sodium Vapor lights have the worst colour rendering on the market and require a longer warm-up time than the LEDs but not as long as the Metal Halide lights. As much as they might offer various advantages over other High Bay lights, they dramatically fail in front of the LED which offers a cheaper selling price, higher energy efficiency with low operating costs, and a relatively longer lifespan.
  • Fluorescent lights come with cheaper initial costs and relatively higher efficiency, especially when compared to other conventional bulbs. But its biggest downside is the presence of mercury which is a hazardous element that requires proper waste disposal procedures. They also have a decreased lifetime when they’re switched on and off. And they need a ballast to stabilise the light.
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