Types Of High Bay Lights

Types Of High Bay Lights

Manufacturing units, gymnasiums, warehouses, large department stores, factories, conference halls, event centres, indoor sports arenas, fitness centres, and all large-scale stores all employ high bay lighting. They provide to be an ideal application where standard lighting fails to offer adequate illumination. Their high power-to-size ratio makes them a preferred choice. However, technology has evolved through time and we have a variety of High Bay Lights available in the market.

Based on the fixture and coverage style, common High Bays available are:
  • UFO High Bays or the Round High Bays are circular-shaped lamps that quite resemble the shape of a UFO. They are compact in size and offer an easy-to-setup and install design that makes them a popular choice. Other than that they offer exceptional longevity and high lumen output. The design produces highly concentrated illumination while also being energy-efficient and low-maintenance.
  • Linear High Bay are long tube lights ideal for areas that require High Bay lighting that covers a larger area than a traditional UFO light. A broader beam angle allows them to illuminate a larger space while using fewer lumens. They are a simple and cost-effective solution to your lighting requirement.
  • Vapor Tight High Bay are long tube lights similar to the Linear High Bay lights but are used in areas with comparatively lower ceilings, minimised glare, and dust, water or dirt. They are dust free and waterproof and can easily be cleaned using a hose or lower pressure washers.
Based on the lighting style, common High Bays available are: 
  • Metal Halide (MH) lights are high-intensity discharge (HID) type gas discharge lamps that produces light by an electric arc through a gaseous mixture of vaporized mercury and metal halides.
  • High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights also belong to the family of high-intensity discharge lamps that use a combination of metals and gasses in the glass tube to produce an orange-white light.
  • Fluorescent High Bay or CFL makes use of fluorescent lamps to illuminate the area. They come in two different fittings- T5 and T8 which implies basically the tube size. The wider gauge tubes, the less accurate is the beam angle.
  • Plasma High Bay Lights are a type of electrode-less gas-discharge lamp that is energised by radio frequency power. They have proven to offer longer bulb lifespans, improved colour rendition, higher lumens and better dimmable performance as compared to any traditional high-intensity discharge lamp.
  • LED High Bay lights have revolutionised the industry. It is a solid-state type of lighting that uses a semiconductor diode which glows when voltage is applied. As technology has improved over the years, the lumen output of LEDs has increased exponentially and today they can outperform practically any other type of commercially available light source.

We can also further categorise them based on their mounting style and other specification. For more information and specialised services, contact us.

Why choose LED high bay lights over traditional fixtures? 

LED High Bays have been a game changer in the industry. They offer a large number of advantages over the traditional High bay Lights, making them a popular choice among the masses. Recent market trends have shown a drastic increase in the demand for LEDs than any other lighting solutions, let's see why!

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