All you need to know about various Irrigation Pumps: Dynamic Pumps & Positive Displacement Pumps

All you need to know about various Irrigation Pumps: Dynamic Pumps & Positive Displacement Pumps

Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. A good harvest largely depends on an effective irrigation system along with other agricultural practices. Water pumps of various kinds are used in fields to help with the irrigation process. Whether it is a reservoir or a 60 to 1500 feet deep borewell, whether the source is underground or situated on the surface, water pumps are designed to draw water from anywhere. They can be operated by electrical energy, wind energy, or manual power,  but have a single function to draw water by increasing the pressure and giving the liquid the strength to flow against the gravitational force from any source and move it towards the fields.

Based on the utility, each pump has different specifications in regards to its power range, stage, head range, discharge range, pipe size, supply phase etc. Therefore, it is important to learn about different kinds of available pumps before choosing to buy any. There are two major types of pumps - Dynamic Pumps which largely consist of Centrifugal Pumps and Positive Displacement Pumps. A practical difference between dynamic and positive-displacement pumps is how they operate under closed valve conditions, the details of which we will discuss below.

 Dynamic Pumps:

They are high-velocity pumps that mostly use centrifugal force to move the fluid through the pump by virtue of rotatory motion. The centrifugal force is used to create velocity in the water. This velocity is then converted to pressure. When the kinetic energy is decreased, the pressure will increase and this difference in pressure drives the fluid through the discharge valve. The dynamic pumps are always submerged in water.

To count a few advantages, they have a simple design with no chances of leaks and fewer chances of any loss due to friction. With a 100% efficiency rate, they provide to be an inexpensive and noise-free option. However, as the rate of flow is dependent on the pressure, the pump functions only at a specific pressure level and the rate of flow decreases when high viscosity fluids are used. Also, a constant flow of fluid is required, else a gas bubble may form, which would it stop from pumping. Similarly, the presence of any Ferrous particles in a liquid may cause corrosion of the impeller. They work well with both saline and sandy water and are usually fitted with filters to remove any solid contaminants in them.

In irrigation, they can be used for any crop type and are counted as the most commonly used pump for irrigation. In addition to that, they can also be used in mining, petrochemical industries, domestic appliances, and hydraulic control system. They are also used for pumping harmful and risky liquids.

Positive Displacement Pumps:

As the name suggests, the pump comes in handy to displace or push the water from one end i.e. the suction side to another i.e. the discharge side. It uses mechanical energy, water is trapped from one end by the rotary or linear motion and then pushed out through the discharge outlet.

To count a few advantages, they are capable of delivering high pressure and can handle fluids of high as well as low viscosity. With a more than 90% efficiency rate, they provide to be a durable and inexpensive option. They are also capable of handling any air or gas contamination in the liquid flow. But during instances of over-pressure, they require protection. Their relatively more complex design requires high maintenance which isn't that expensive.

In addition to irrigation, they can also be used for manufacturing chemicals, Petrochemical and light fuel transfer stations, Municipal water and other water supply systems, air conditioners, firefighting, cooling towers, hydraulic control system and domestic appliances.

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