Using the Ultra Violtee GDC - CT 11 Surface Disinfectant

Using the Ultra Violtee GDC - CT 11 Surface Disinfectant

Post COVID-19 situation, sanitisers and disinfectants have become an essential part of the self-care range. Sanitisers and disinfectants decrease the risk of infection by reducing the amount of germs/viruses in contact. That is why it is suggested to sanitise your hands and disinfect your home surroundings and office spaces regularly. The same rule is applied to your electronics, appliances and other valuables like leather and jewellery etc. They too need to be disinfected on regular bases to avoid any contact with the infection.

But the constant spraying of sanitisers or disinfectants can harm them and cause them to wear and tear. Also, spraying sanitiser on food packages or face masks isn’t suggested because if consumed it can be poisonous. Also, alcohol-based sanitisers hold a chance of catching fire.

As a solution, we have the Ultra Violtee GDC - CT 11 Surface Disinfectant by Gelco Electronics which has made it quite convenient to disinfect cell phones, keys, wallets, tablets, jewellery, food packages, newspapers, almost everything, without causing any harm or damage. It is easy to use, portable chamber with a capacity of 12 litres that weighs about 5.28 kg.


  • Certified to disinfect 99.99% germs in only 3 minutes.
  • It is ideal for usage at home, offices, jewellery shops, restaurants, etc.
  • It can be used to disinfect almost anything from paper currency, electronics, stationery, documents, I-cards, hard disk, pen drive, DVD/CD, memory cards, watch, masks, etc.
  • It is a perfect replacement for liquid sensitive electronic equipment like cameras, speakers, CD/DVDs, microphones etc.
  • Causes no wear and tear to leather products and jewellery items.
  • Also ideal for disinfecting food products brought from the outside like raw fruits, vegetables, milk pouches, food packages and cartons etc.

How to Use?

The Ultra Violtee GDC - CT 11 Surface Disinfectant is designed to be portable and easy to use.  It is provided with a pre-set delay of 3 minutes. Place your products to be disinfected inside the chamber on the provided tray. Please make sure there is enough space between the products placed. The tray provided inside is a mesh tray to allow 360-degree exposure to the rays. Once the items are placed, close the chamber door. The green light on the top demonstrates that it is ready to disinfect. Once you see the green alert, press the button on its side to start with the disinfection process. The red light indicates the disinfecting is in process. Do not open the chamber door, till it turns green. Your products are disinfected and are ready to be used.

Ultra Violtee GDC - CT 11 Surface Disinfectant by Gelco Electronics is quality tested to kill  99.99% of bacteria/viruses in 3 minutes by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL).

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