Can Monsoons Affect The Productivity of Your Solar System?

Can Monsoons Affect The Productivity of Your Solar System?

It is quite normal to be concerned about your solar system’s productivity on a cloudy day. Especially with the onset of the monsoons, one tends to worry if the solar system will be able to generate adequate energy on days with no sun at all. Well! If that’s your concern too, there is good news that even though the solar panels require sunlight to generate energy but normal day light might as well do the job. There are obviously some pros and cons to that.

The energy produced by a particular solar system depends immensely on the quality of its solar panel. We do have panels that are designed to work perfectly in reflected and diffused light. Even when the day is cloudy, these solar panels can perfectly capture the blue and red wavelengths of the solar spectra, hence making them quite efficient during cloudy days. The energy generated does not only come from the visible light rays, but also from the wavelengths that can penetrate even through the clouds.

The solar panel makes use of the daylight which comes from the direct or indirect sunlight to generate energy. The photovoltaic panels which are made of solar cells absorb the photons from the daylight and further convert them to energy. The energy generated is called photovoltaic energy which is further used for the working of your solar system.

Even though some panels have proven to be quite efficient during cloudy days, there are chances that you might experience a slight drop in the efficiency of your solar system during a cloudy day as compared to a normal sunny day. Also, if the sky is covered with highly dense clouds that completely block the sunlight is when even the most efficient solar panels might also prove dysfunctional. But that is a very rare case.

To conclude, keep aside your worries and invest in good quality solar products with higher efficiency. These might be a bit more costly than local products but have a longer life and are more efficient even during days with no or minimal sunlight. Always opt for high-quality solar products from trusted brands like Gelco Electronics as they have years of experience and skilled technicians bringing to you high-quality products with great efficiency.
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