How Gelco’s Geostro Astronomical Time Switches: Ideal for the Outdoor Lightings

How Gelco’s Geostro Astronomical Time Switches: Ideal for the Outdoor Lightings

Time Switches are manufactured by Gelco and are used to control the opening and closing of electrical circuits according to a predefined schedule. Astronomical time switches are also available, which can be configured to manage various loads or electronic utilities on a regular basis based on dawn and sunset periods.

Astronomical Time Switches are used to automatically adjust street lights based on the longitude and latitude of a certain location's sunset and sunrise timings. The street lights will be turned on at sunset and turned off at daybreak, including seasonal change and maximizing available sunshine, resulting in the most efficient use of energy. This allows for comprehensive control of the system by allowing for remote control of the streetlights from any location.

Landscape lighting businesses have relied on various approaches to automate the turning on and off mechanism of low voltage transformers for many years. Without this automation, most homeowners would have to manually activate and deactivate the external lighting system, which may be a difficult chore.

One of the most convenient ways to handle your landscape lights is to use an astronomical timer. Using an astronomical timer to activate or deactivate your outdoor lighting system is a relatively low-cost method. Astronomical timers work by programming the sunrise and sunset times into the timer. There is no light sensor on an astronomical timer. As a result, with a large range of distinct preset actions, it provides for better modifications in starting and finishing timings. Astronomical timers employ a pre-programmed database that contains dawn and sunset times to tell your architectural lighting system when to turn on and off. All you have to do is provide your astronomical timers with some information, such as your location, date and time, and the time of night you want your landscape lighting to illuminate. Astronomical timers are as simple as they appear to be. You only have to set them once, and then you won't have to worry about turning on and off your outdoor lighting on a daily basis.

When compared to other current choices for architectural lighting automation, astronomical timers offer a significant advantage in terms of accuracy. Furthermore, astronomical timers have a better battery backup than conventional timers. This means that the device can function even if there is a power outage. Even while there is always the chance of a one-of-a-kind situation, astronomical timers often provide the best value for homeowners and are the easiest to use. Astronomical timers have grown in popularity as more people become aware of the several advantages they provide.

Features of Gelco’s Geostro Astronomical Time Switches
  • A fully automatic switch that eliminates the need for manual intervention.
  • Automation is effective and efficient because it saves a lot of energy that would otherwise be lost by manual operation.
  • Automation ensures that operations are completed on schedule.
  • Resolve the issue of overcrowding.
  • Adjust the operation to match the time of sunset and sunrise, as well as the seasons and geographic location.
  • Traditional time switches are unable to display and change sunrise and sunset times based on current Longitudinal and Latitudinal Locations.
Geostro astronomical timers are available at Gelco. Through its easy-to-install wireless technology, the Geostro Astronomical Time Switch provides a hassle-free solution to automate your landscape lights. The nicest part about Geostro Astronomical Time Switches is that they may be used in both new and old architectural lighting systems.
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