Protect your house from short circuit using MCBs and ELCBs

Protect your house from short circuit using MCBs and ELCBs

Your home should be your safe place where your family resides happily. But with the electric uncertainties and the hazards that follow, usually evokes fear. Especially in countries like India, which don’t have a stable supply of electric current, the chances of electric hazards increase. Also, the quality of wiring being used in most of the places is not always of good quality. Or most of the times, the equipment being used might be worn out or of age. All these factors contribute to the possibility of having an electric hazard.

Such conditions lead to what we call a short circuit.  A short circuit is a situation where the electric current voluntarily flows down to an unintended device with no or very low resistance. The scale of damage it may cause can vary, depending on the situation. It might cause permanent damage to the device or even lead to fires or small explosions.

The important question that arises is how we protect our homes from short circuits? No one wants to put their lives or their family’s life at stake, so how do we ensure their safety from these electric hazards?

Well! The answer is simple, there is a wide range of MCBs and ELCBs available in the market. MCB i.e. Miniature Circuit Breaker is an electric device that is equipped to automatically break the circuit during any abnormal electric condition, whether it is a short circuit or overloading. Similarly, ELCB is an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker that is equipped to break the circuit in situations of leakage of electric current. ELCB is a voltage sensor device that would sense any fluctuation in the voltage flow and act accordingly.

Both these devices are a part of the circuit breaker range with specific functioning. But the major job is to detect any unusual condition in the electrical network and break the circuit to prevent any following hazard. They not only protect your devices and equipment from catching fire but also safeguard your home and family.

Gelco Electronics provides a vast collection of quality circuit breakers that offer superior performance with a compact design. It provides much-needed high-level protection to human as well as the equipment. Whether it’s an ELCB, MCB, or other range of circuit breakers, Gelco has a vast portfolio to cover each domain’s need. Ensure a safe and smooth operation with Gelco’s high-quality products and provide safety and happiness to your family!

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