5 Reasons Why Pump Protection Relay Are Essential

5 Reasons Why Pump Protection Relay Are Essential

Protective Relay is an electrically operated device designed to trip the circuit breaker if any fault in the flow of electricity is sensed. In case of underflow or overflow of current, the device automatically disconnects the current link and saves the appliance from any damage.

Nowadays, custom protection relays are designed per the equipment. Pump Protection Relays are designed to speed up the troubleshooting and reduce the downtime to a minimum among almost all kinds of motors. They protect pump motors, pumps, wiring, controls or power systems. These Protection Relays are well-equipped to not only prevent any damage to the equipment but also indicate the nature of the problem.

Gelco Electronics has pioneered the field of safety devices for various equipment. Whether it is at a domestic level or a commercial level, they have pioneered at each sphere. When it comes to Protection Relays, they offer a wide range. The Protection Relays manufactured by Gelco is made from high-quality components with precise engineering that ensures to provide a reliable and smooth operation throughout. They provide relentless protection against over-current, over-voltage, phase failure, earth leakage and also ensure well-ordered interoperability and communication with the networks.

But what makes it important to set up a Pump Protection Relay? 

Firstly, and most importantly, they act as a robust guard for the equipment and provide a safety shield against short circuits, current leakage, high voltages, and low voltages. Under such situations, there is a probability for the equipment to catch fire. Protection Relays safeguards the pump to avoid burning.

Secondly, they provide long operative life to the apparatus. The Protection Relays not only provide safety but also enhance the efficiency of the equipment, which restricts the equipment ageing process. The sturdy protection provided to the equipment against overcurrent and overheating helps the equipment to perform better and in return increases its lifespan.

Thirdly, there is a special provision on the Pump Protection Relays that provides the live metrics about the incoming supply of electricity. Through this, you can keep a check for any contingencies.

The next added benefit of the Pump Protection Relay is that they provide effective protection to pumps and motors even when one phase is missing. Usually, a normal star-delta would fail under such a situation but Gelco’s Pump Protection Relay is designed to provide all-round protection under all circumstances.  

Lastly, the most common reason for a pump or motor to burn is when it is running without water. Under this situation, the motor/pump gets over-heated which causes it to burn or might cause some serious damage. Gelco’s Pump Protection Relay ensures safety under such conditions. They provide automatic dry run protection so that you can be stress-free and not worry about the safety of your equipment.

It is always advised to have a well-equipped and certified safety device in place for the protection of your pumps, motors, and other equipment. Why live a life of haste when you can lead a stress-free life with Gelco’s safety devices!

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