Stay Safe During the Summer with Gelco's Innovative A.C. Switches

Stay Safe During the Summer with Gelco's Innovative A.C. Switches

Summers in India can be pretty harsh. Except for some of the Northern region, the rest of the Indian territory faces high temperatures. Effective air conditioning is the possible solution to escape the scorching heat. But are air conditioners safe?

Usually, we hear of electric failures leading to life hazards during the winter season. We are often made aware to be extra careful while handling our heating devices - heaters, electric rods etc. But is there a need to take these precautions with our cooling devices as well?

Well, there are several risks involved while running your cooling devices. There has been an almost equal number of reported accidents due to electric failure during summers as in winters. Our cooling devices are operational for about 5 months in a year, following which they are not being put to use at all. This calls for us to pay extra attention to the health of our cooling devices. Some basic precautions need to be taken care of, both post & pre-season. Make sure, you get it properly serviced before the onset of the season. This will clean any pollutants or deposits on the machine and help in smooth running.

Also, while using the air condition system, one must constantly keep a check on the health of the system as well as the electric flow to avoid any electric hazards. To put at ease from this stress, Gelco has introduced a wide range of Innovative A.C. Switches. They are a convenient option to manage the temperature and also keep a check on the voltage flow.

These innovative switches are multipurpose and have been specially designed to operate and protect all electrical equipment like A.C., refrigerator, washing machine, oven, television, mono-block motor, lifts at the construction sites, garden grasscutter, tiles cleaning/polishing machine, geyser, domestic flour mill, and all kind of single-phase apparatus.

These multipurpose switches not only come in handy to operate your air conditioning system but provide effective safety against voltage fluctuation to all devices. They are designed to automatically turn off the device during an electric breakdown and turn it back on, once the problem is fixed.  

They come with various specifications to match your requirement and can be used at all levels – domestics, industrial and commercial.

Still, thinking of an apt solution to operate your cooling device and also secure them at the same time? Gelco’s innovative brains are always working towards finding an apt solution to make your life convenient and hustle-free. Enjoy your summers while Gelco takes care of the health and safety of your home appliances.

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