Save The Energy With Gelco's Digital Time Switches

Save The Energy With Gelco's Digital Time Switches

Save your time and energy consumption with Gelco’s Digital Time Switches. No need to keep the timing of your appliances when you can automate their functionality following the sunrise, sunset, and geographic location. They are ideal for both domestic and commercial usage.

Time Switches allow you to control your electric switches by using time mechanism. Like an ordinary timer, you can set a particular time, following to which your electric switch will be operated accordingly. Isn’t that quite a convenient option?

Time switches allow easy accessibility to all kinds of devices – heating, lighting, ventilation, watering, air conditioning, operating etc. It all can be controlled automatically as per a customized schedule. This saves both energy and manual labour. One can set a customized time for the operation of the device and lead a stress-free life. These periods can be set on daily, weekly or annual bases as it suits your convenience.

Scheduling of the appliances avoids over-running of the device, hence saving the energy consumption. Also, due to the automated system, it saves the human effort of regularly keeping time of the appliance and regulating it accordingly.

Why Gelco’s Digital Time Switches?

Gelco provides a wide range of digital time switches, suiting your convenience.

- Fully Automates System: Gelco Digital Time Switches are secured with a fully-automated system that eliminates the need for any manual intervention. Saving human efforts and time.

- Effective & Efficient: The automated system provides a timely operation of the devices. An effective and efficient way to save energy, power and time. Reduces wastage and provides effective functioning of devices.

- Solves the Overloading Issue: The automated system effectively operates the devices and avoids over-consumption of energy and power. The timely intervention of the system manages the flow of energy to avoid overloading issues.

- Customized Scheduling: Advanced customization to suit your convenience. Customized scheduling option available to adjust the operation according to sunset and sunrise time, this further can be customized as per the seasons and geographic location. Conventional time switches cannot show and adjust time per the sunrise and sunset time as per current Longitudinal & Latitudinal Locations.

In addition to the above-mentioned points, the easily programable Gelco Digital Time Switches provide a reliable yet energy-efficient solution. Live a hustle-free life with Gelco’s efficient electronic solutions.

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