Social Aspects Before Technology Choice

Social Aspects Before Technology Choice

Till now we have been discussing various aspects of different types of electronics. But above all comes the very essential point to keep in mind while choosing any type of technology is its social implication. Society and technology co-exist and are codependent. We choose technology based on our needs, with factors like the economic aspect, the technical specifications, features and application being key points based on which we make the choice. However, as social beings, and members of society, it is our responsibility to check the social implications before installing any technology. Let's discuss some important aspects to check ignorer to make the right choice, at both social and personal levels.

Sustainability: Technology must be accompanied by the idea of a longer life span. This is beneficial not only at a social level but also beneficial at a personal level as it reduces the stress of constant technological replacement, and is cost-effective.  At a social level, it reduces the production of technical waste. This is beneficial for the environment around and to society at large.

Social Resilience: A very important point to keep in mind is how the particular technology impacts our society. It must add to the local economy and prove beneficial for the community at large. Any technology being installed must provide personal benefits and as well increase the resilience of communities. This can be done by simply coordinating our technical approach with government/ concerned private-sector companies’ prerequisites.

Environment: Before installing any technology, it is essential to be cautious of its environmental implications. What kind of waste is being produced by the technology, if there is any residue and what is its nature, and the disposal of the same, aspects like these must be considered prior. Also, its consumption of electricity or any other fuel must be checked. This is pocket friendly as it reduces the cost of bills or procures and proves to be environment friendly.

Gelco Electronics has always been sensitive about its social responsibility and manufactures efficient, reliable products to best suit the needs of its clients and help the community as a whole. They try their best to manufacture state-of-art products that are technologically superior and sensitive towards the environment around. With their dedicated R&D, they aspire for innovative solutions to the customer needs that best fit the social implications.

Always choose a brand that is conscious of its social implication and provides the best quality products and services.
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