Tackling with Your Ceiling Fan Speed Problems

Tackling with Your Ceiling Fan Speed Problems

Has it happened to you that no matter how much you try, your ceiling fan’s speed won't change? Well! A piece of simple machinery like the ceiling fan, too, needs maintenance. Ceiling fans are used widely as they provide to be a cost-effective alternative to air conditioners. Almost every household houses a ceiling fan. But what is required to maintain the health of your ceiling fans, to avoid burnout?

One very important aspect to keep in mind, while facing a dysfunctional ceiling fan is if its ball bearings are in good shape. A damaged or even dirty ball bearing can affect your ceiling fan’s functionality. Ball bearings are small round steel balls that are placed in a circular track to enable the rotation of the ceiling fan. Time and again, one should check for any dust particles settling over or between the ball bearings. Dust accumulation soaks up the lubrication and increases friction, which puts a load on the motor, causing burnout.  From time to time, it is recommended to dust off your ceiling fan and lubricate the bearings.

Once we’ve checked for clean dust-free and well-lubricated bearings, the next step is to check for a blown capacitator. A capacitator regulates the right amount of power being supplied to the motor. A low or higher power supply can result in the dysfunction of your ceiling fan, either it will move too slow or faster than the requisite speed; both cases can damage the motor. In case the capacitator is blown or broken, it is recommended to replace it with a new one.

Next on the list is to check the pull chain and the chain switch assembly for any breakage or damage. If found so, it is advisable to call an expert to make the required replacements. Lastly, but most importantly is the speed regulator. Most of the time, the ceiling fan is of perfect shape but the regulator, a small round knob placed on the wall switch powering the fan, is broken. As suggested, the speed regulator determines the speed at which the fan rotates. It is very important to make sure that the speed regulator and the wall switch are in good shape. The speed regulator is rather a complex arrangement with multiple wiring than a regular on/off switch. Any damage can lead to fire or burnout of the motor. It is always recommended to buy speed regulators from a trusted brand to avoid such situations.

Gelco Electronics is one such name that provides a wide variety of fan regulators which are efficient, easy to install and hum-free. The compact and sleek design will complement the interior and give a nice clean look to your home. Their quality fan testes regulators guarantee a smooth and hassle-free operation.

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